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About D. Porthault:

Husband and wife Daniel and Madeleine Porthault started their line of colorful, daintily-patterned linens in the Depression era, a time when sheets were never anything but white. Although many linen labels have since followed, D. Porthault is the only one to hold true to its tradition of screen-printing its patterns by hand. D. Porthault has created and printed custom linens for almost ninety years. The White House and Buckingham Palace were just a few notable places in which the Porthault linens resided. Some of their clients have included Audrey Hepburn, Sir Winston Churchill, President and Mrs. Kennedy, Coco Chanel, and Brigitte Bardot. D. Porthault is today best known for its early patterns "Coeurs" and "Trefles", hearts and clovers. Along with their distinctive patterns, D. Porthault linens are also known for often having wavy or scalloped finishings and embroidery or applique detailing. D. Porthault bed linens are made of cotton, silk, crepe de Chine, linen, organdie, satin and lace. To this day, Porthault artisans still screen print completely by hand. Click here to view more bedding