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About Peter Reed International:

Peter Reed has been manufacturing in Lancashire since 1861 and has been traditionally associated with English excellence and luxury. Peter William Reed was a farmer in Barley on the slopes of Pendle Hill here in Lancashire (where the last known witches lived). He started out with water powered looms in 1861 and went on to build Spenbrook Mill in 1875 which was one of the first steam powered factories in Lancashire. His son (William Clay Reed) went into partnership with another local textile entrepreneur, John Moorby, in about 1885. The two built a joint 'room and power' mill called Narrowgates Mill in Barley in 1886. Both Peter Reed and John Moorby operated out of this mill until October 31st 1891 when they moved into larger premises down in the new town of Nelson which sprang up around the Leed & Liverpool canal (all coal and cotton came by water). The new mill in Nelson was called Springbank Mill and contained the second largest weaving shed in the world at that time (748 shuttle looms). Under the 1959 Textile Rationalisation Scheme passed by Parliament, the management decided to close down John Moorby (taking Government compensation) and split Peter Reed into two companies - William Reed (narrow fabrics) and Peter Reed (wide fabrics, mainly sheetings). Peter Reed himself ran Peter Reed and his cousin Robert ran William Reed. Many of the other non executive family shareholders were paid out with the funds from the compensation agreement. William Reed floated in 1966 (now part of Allied Textiles plc) and Peter Reed moved out of Springbank Mill to Fernbank Mill in Barnoldswick in 1959. The company moved to Springfield Mill in Blacko in 1968 and re-equipped with the first automatic looms in the UK. In 1986 Peter Reed moved to a new weaving mill in Nelson, Lancashire (named Springfield Mill). In 2003 the company changed hands after a difficult period and the new owners completely rebranded and revitalised what had become a rapidly shrinking business. The newly formed Peter Reed Limited (PRL) set up a new mill in Burnley in the heart of Lancashire's traditional textile region ; one of the few mills to have been established in Britain in over a century, before moving back to Nelson in 2007 (Butterworth Mill). Employing the traditional Lancastrian skills used for many years PRL has re-established the Peter Reed brand and is producing 100% Egyptian cotton bedlinen to the traditional luxury standards set so many years ago. PRL was awarded a Royal Warrant of Appointment to Her Majesty The Queen in January 2008 as manufacturers of bedlinen: an honour of which we are very proud. In 2008 PRL purchased a French bedlinen company; Dans Nos Maisons , which sells under its own brand name and the two companies now operate together under the Peter Reed mantle , based in Nelson.   Click here to view more bedding