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About Sferra Fine Linens:

Sferra Bros., LTD began in Italy as a purveyor of fine Italian-made lace in 1891.  The company's industrious founder, Gennaro Sferra traveled America's eastern seaboard to sell his intricate Venetian lace cuffs and collars to the well-heeled clientele who frequented the grand seaside resorts that once dotted the East Coast from Maine to Palm Beach.   Twice yearly, Gennaro returned to his homeland by steamer, creating new collections of the most luxurious linen, embroidery and handmade lace for his elite American customers.  In 1912, Gennaro moved his company and his family to the United States. A generation later, in the 1940s and 1950s Gennaro's two sons Enrico and Albert, expanded the Sferra collection to include the most luxurious European linens of the day - damask from Ireland, French Alencon Lace, and embroideries from Belgium and Switzerland.   Sferra continues the tradition that began more than a century ago, capturing the timeless beauty of the world's finest fabrics. A lifetime of luxury and comfort.   Click here to view more bedding